A typical home construction process is outlined and general contents of procedure in a processof building a house are shown in the diagram below. Weather conditions, and site inspections may alter these time estimates.


Apply for Permit
Prepare Site:Clear land, set stakes locating corners of house.


Excavation : Dig basement and trenches for footings
Driveway: Install culvert and apply gravel


Foundation : Pour all footings. Pour/lay foundation walls,waterproof below grade.
Backfill :Sand is recommended in clay areas.


Frame House: Build and set: floor, walls and roof systems.
Apply shingle/Install windows and exterior doors/Install siding


Rough Electric: Install meter/set service panel/connect to meter and ground. Locate and run wire to all fixtures and outlet boxes.
Rough Plumbing : Locate plumbing fixtures. Install soil stacks,
drain and vent pipes. Install water and gas lines.
Rough Heating: Cut and install ductwork


Concrete Floors. Prepare compacted base and steel reinforcement. Pour and finish basement,garage and concrete floors.


Insulation and Drywall. Install insulation and finish drywall


Interior Finish. Paint wall and ceilings. Install all doors and cabinets. Set counter topsnds vanities. Finish trims.


Finish Electric:Install light fixtures,vent fans,switches, plugs and all plates.
Finish Heating: Vents and grilles
Finish Plumbing: Install toilets, sinks, faucets, etc.

Final Grade(: Shape and grade yard to final design


Final Inspection: After final inspection receive Certificate of Occupancy

Complete---- Move in!

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