Nuvilla Home Design & Construction Ltd. has been very active in building construction businessfrom new home building to renovation projects in Lower Mainland. We provide design and building services. Dedicated professionals and good management in our team ensure us always to deliver high quality building construction and renovation products.


Nuvilla Home Design & Construction Ltd. is licensed in British Columbia. We are a professional builder are a member of Great Vancouver Builder Association.Our guaranteed quality product givesyou a peace of mind. We are underwriting with Pacific Home Insurance Service.


NVL Home has one of the best teams in Greater Vancouver area comprised of building designer andmaster builder. ShengYuan (Rexton) Wang is a designer and builder who have B. Arch and M. Arch degree.He earned his master degree from international known architects Ivor Prinsloo and Jo Noero.He had became an architect in china since 1990。He was rewarded the second price in an big open design competition in China. He designed and build hundreds projects in China and Canada.


Our services of design and building construction can be provided either separately or together.One stop service is also provided that may deliver best value for clients.

NVL is proud of its creative and custom-made design that always fits a wide range of needs and tastes of our clients.No job is big or small. We are dedicated to delivering high end products.Our slogan is to assist our clients “spending less and achieving more”.

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