NVL Home可根據客戶的要求設計出各種個樣建築風格建築,古典的,現代的,或兩者的總和。 在溫哥華
較普遍的建築風格有,莊圓式, 維多利亞式,殖民地式,殖民復興式,圖多爾式,等等。


一个房屋得设计過程大致可以分成四個步驟。 四個步驟具體地分爲:計劃與咨詢階段;擴初設計階段;正式绘图階段;图纸终审階段。


NVL Home designs homes in any kinds of styles, from classic to modern ones. There is a varietyof popular architectural styles great Vancouver area, like Ranch, Colonial Revival,
Victorian/Queen Ann, Tudor/Tudor Revival, etc...


A house design completes through a process roughly divided into four stages,
Planning/Consultation; Preliminary Design; Formal Architectural Drafting; Documents Final
Checking for Submitting for Permit.

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